“The Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center (FeCC) is an important partner for small businesses looking to obtain government contracts with federal and state agencies. Your organization helps define what products and services are needed for these contracts so small businesses can compete for those contracts. The U.S. Small Business Administration supports the needs and interests of small businesses and work to help them grow, expand and continue to hire new employees. Thank you, for your dedication and focus to helping small businesses with finding new opportunities to grow.”

Jorge Silva-Puras
Regional Administrator
U.S. Small Business Administration


“The Office of the CIO of the Government of Puerto Rico works hard to improve the socio economic development of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans through the development of a world class Information Technology and Communications (ITC) infrastructure, the support of a healthy and entrepreneurial ITC sector and the development of a technologically ready workforce and business environment. In addition, the OCIO develops and implements initiatives to dramatically improve agency integration and service offerings to citizens and other customers through business process reengineering and the application of the best IT and telecommunications practices. These efforts are carried out by internal employees as well as external ITC contractors.

Thus a world class, highly capable and highly creative ITC sector is necessary to carry out the work of the OCIO and help Puerto Rico become more competitive globally.

The Government of Puerto Rico has identified this to be one of the most important targets of effort and has developed a set of initiatives to ensure that a healthy and prosperous ITC sector continues growing. Through the FeCC, a new IT Cluster initiative is taking form, seeded with eight small local IT service providers and the Federal Contracting market has been identified as a first target for launching their rapid growth. I'm very pleased to have participated with the FeCC in the nurturing of the IT Cluster by working in strategic aspects of their work, in trips to present the idea to Federal Procurement officers and fellow federal CIOs, and as a panelist in the recent Federal Contracting Conference held in San Juan earlier this year.

I look forward to continued collaboration with the FeCC to ensure the sustainability of the IT Cluster and its business success in the Federal space and beyond.”

Juan Eugenio Rodríguez de Hostos
Former Chief Information Officer
Government of Puerto Rico


"I want to thank the Federal Contracting Center for all their support and efforts given to the Metals and Electronics Cluster. I believe strongly in the success of this Cluster since it is well managed, and has much to give. Thanks to this, we strengthened our business bond as a group, and right now, we are pursuing some excellent and real opportunities. METPRO AND OPTI join its efforts to perform a small but multi-year DoD Contract, and this is only the beginning for many business opportunities to come."

Juan P. Aguayo
Business Development Manager
OPTI Manufacturing Corp.


“The Department of the Interior Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) worked closely with Pedro Acevedo-Armaiz and Delia Vidal Santana of the Federal Contracting Center (FeCC) in putting together the Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Week which was held from August 30 through September 1, 2011. The Department of the Interior was represented by the US Geological Survey, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service during the networking and matchmaking events which were held on August 31. The OSDBU is working with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) in developing the Small Business Plan for Small Businesses on the Island of Puerto Rico. The Department of the Interior was honored and privileged to work with the professionals of the FeCC in making the Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Week into the highly successful event which it was.”

Mark Oliver
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
U.S. Department of the Interior


“Since my election to Congress, I have sought to foster a mutually-beneficial relationship between federal agencies in Puerto Rico and the island's private sector. Puerto Rico companies have much to offer, and federal agencies stand to benefit from contracting with a greater number of our businesses. The Puerto Rico Federal Contracting Center has worked effectively and efficiently to ensure that local businesses are able to connect with federal agencies as they look for ways to streamline processes and become more environmentally-friendly.”

Hon. Pedro R. Pierluisi
Resident Commissioner
U.S. Congress


“During 2011 FeCC has been instrumental in providing the Construction Cluster with up to date information regarding federal opportunities, such as grants, bids, etc. We have been glad to share our experiences as an industrial cluster with other clusters FeCC has been sponsoring, because we have seen their commitment to work hard and get results. It has been a great experience to find and work with such dedicated professionals in a local government agency, which is not necessarily the norm. We look forward to a continued collaboration with FeCC in the year to come.”

José Maeso, P.E.
Executive Director
Puerto Rico Construction Cluster


“I would like to applaud the Federal Contracting Center for having conducted such a fabulous conference this past summer. There have been many conferences in the past but this was by far the best. For me, the reason it was the best conference is because not only had federal small business advocacy representatives attended but a number of key decision makers such as Contracting Officers, Program Officers, Chief Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers. All in all more than 16 agencies were in attendance. These are the true beneficiaries of the conference as they were able to witness first hand that Puerto Rico does have U.S. talent for many of the needs the government is looking for including manufacturing, professional services, engineering and IT. Thanks to the support of Congressman Pierluisi, PR CIO Juan Eugenio Rodriguez, Pedro Acevedo and many countless others, this year's conference was a hit. I look forward to participating in next year's conference.”

Alfredo Casta
President and CEO
Cascade Technologies


“For many business owners in Puerto Rico, obtaining a contract with a Federal Government agency is quite difficult to accomplish. Many feel intimidated by the entire process and are reluctant to submit a bid for a contract. Aware of this challenge, the Federal Contracting Center met with business leaders, and offered to work with local government and business associations in helping people understand how to properly put together a proposal to the Federal Government. Their representatives were genuinely concerned over issues that prevent Puerto Rico from fully participating as federal contractors. We are grateful for their support and look forward to a continuing working relationship with the Federal Contracting Office.”

Ignacio Veloz
United Retailers Association – Puerto Rico.