The mission of increasing Puerto Rico's participation in the Federal marketplace is based on the efforts led by the federal Contracting Center. The Apparel and Information Technology clusters are part of an economic development strategy to help expand federal contracting opportunities.



The Apparel Cluster initiative comes from the collaboration of more than 15 Federal apparel manufacturers established in Puerto Rico. They help strengthen the industry's competitiveness while meeting the federal government's needs. Their infrastructure, skills, and innovation place them within the top military apparel in the United States. These advantages, coupled with the Berry Amendment, make Puerto Rico the perfect location for military contracts.


Information Technology

The PRIT Cluster gathers experienced companies ready to serve the IT government needs. While it meets the ITAR compliance regulations, citizenship requirements, and a wide range of high qualified resources, the Puerto Rico IT sector provides competitive solutions to the government by capitalizing on the experience and skills of its cluster members. The FeCC team is confident that consistent growth in federal contracting opportunities will be feasible through collaboration amongst qualified business, academia, and the support from the Government of Puerto Rico.